Wden houses from profiled barsoo

Our company has been engaged in the first year stroitelstvomderevyannyh houses and baths of the profiled bars. We also gotovypredlozhit their services for the construction of panel-frame buildings, wells, wooden fences and other economic postroek. Zakazyvaya building in our company, you’ll be pleasantly udivlenynevysokim price level and the optimal timing and kachestvomstroitelstva. This is due to the possibility of materialovneposredstvenno delivery from the manufacturer and the presence of квалифицированныхспециалистов. Construction crews from the city of Novgorod Pestovo obl. Davno enjoy an excellent reputation and popularity in the stroykahSankt Petersburg, Moscow and other regionov. Dom from a bar – a great choice for a man kotoryystremitsya for comfort and coziness, to live in harmony with nature, applies when etomtrepetno to the price-quality relationship. Qualitative bruskhvoynyh trees harvested in the winter and how stroitelnyymaterial has several important advantages with respect to drugimmaterialam. Once upon wooden houses built only of timber, aglavnym tool was an ax. In this age has come to replace the log-log beams with rectangular cross section. Houses made of beams boleetehnologichny, they have a smooth wall, it is easier to build iotdelyvat. Cheapest Wooden houses – a house of brusaestestvennoy humidity, the most expensive – also made of beams, laminated tolkoiz. Houses made of beams of natural moisture obychnostroyat with the expectation of subsequent plating siding, block-house, a facing brick. Although this version of the construction of the wooden domayavlyaetsya the cheapest, the quality was little inferior to drugimvariantam. First of all, it concerns the ability to house uderzhivatteplo. Build a truly warm and durable house only izdereva (as well as of other material), without dopolnitelnogoutepleniya walls, is almost impossible. During the construction, home izbrusa easily insulated from the outside insulation between the wall and naruzhnoyotdelkoy. With proper insulation of the house from the outside (on the front tehnologiiventiliruemogo) lumber walls are much boleekomfortnyh temperature and humidity conditions, which is much uvelichivaetsrok service at home. Siding house that assumes vserazrushayuschie exposure to sunlight and precipitation, legkopoddaetsya replacement. House of the profiled bars estestvennoyvlazhnosti similar properties and appearance to the houses izotsilindrovannogo logs. These homes are not sheathe the outside brusprostrogan on both sides, only the desired grinding poslepolnogo drying and painting. In order to prevent ingress of vodyvnutr house, the upper and lower bounds have a special timber profil.Pravda, unlike the houses of logs, home of the brusaimeyut number of advantages. Do not require annual maintenance (obyazatelnayapropitka, touch-up). The lower thermal conductivity sravneniyuso log cabins, or logs. Possible replacement vneshneyotdelki (after three to five years may want to change vneshniydizayn and visual aspects). Interior decoration, pleasant inehlopotnoe activity, respectively, cost-effective. Vnutrenneeprostranstvo after the finish is not reduced. Vozmozhnapereplanirovka circuit design and house after signing proekta. Vozmozhna remodeling the interior. Vozmozhnypristroyki in any place and at any time. Comparative desheviznapri delivery and unloading (no need crane or additional rabochayasila). All of the possible disadvantages of home from a bar estestvennoyvlazhnosti offset the cost: the cost of the profiled brusaestestvennoy humidity is less than the cost of laminated veneer lumber vdva more than once. A modern wooden house is very different from svoihprototipov as technology development, and on inzhenernomuoborudovaniyu. Constant is only a natural wood color, the structure of logs and boards, and special natural energy derevyannogodoma. Log houses – truly vershinaderevyannogo construction, wood processing and the quality of tochnostizgotovleniya details such nice homes hit dazheneprofessionalov. The special manufacturing technology brusalishila laminated wood of almost all of his shortcomings as a stroitelnogomateriala. Processing of timber preservatives and flame retardants vprotsesse manufacturing makes wooden houses of this materialanadezhnymi and durable. Thoroughly dried lamellas, glued vbrus, protect the house from precipitation. House of laminated veneer lumber predstavlyaetsoboy tough and rugged, wind and thermal insulation properties nepromerzaemuyu.Po wall, built from laminated veneer lumber, is not inferior to solid wood. In addition, this materialdovolno easy, that is not required a powerful (and therefore costly) foundations. Construction of wooden houses from kleenogobrusa done in one step, so as soon as possible okonchaniyastroitelstva populated into a new house. Glued laminated timber brusSyrem to a pine tree. Blagodaryaispolzovaniyu this material there is no deformation konstruktsiydoma the operation, significantly reduced time stroitelstva. Dannaya technology allows you to mount the house all year round. Kleenyybrus in many ways superior to other building materials (round logs, profiled bar). The walls are finished domasmotryatsya as a single piece construction, making them nenuzhdayutsya in the exterior and interior finish, which reduces stoimoststroitelstva 1.5 or more times. During the construction of glued brusamenshe used lumber (board) in contrast to the houses izotsilindrovannogo logs, profiled bar. Cons have kleenogobrusa essentially two. This is the high cost of material and prirodnayachistota or environmental friendliness. Finally, building a home from a bar mozhetzanyat just a couple of weeks. Can I build a house so quickly from a different material?

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